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Silver Lake City Council
Regular Meeting

6:30pm, January 18, 2022

Silver Lake Auditorium


Call Regular Meeting to Order


Consent Agenda:

  1. Approve minutes from January 3, 2022 Annual Meeting

  2. Approve Payroll 2 and December Ambulance


Public Comment


Department Business:

  1. Public Works

    • Supervisor’s Report

    • PeopleService Report

  2. Public Safety

    • Fire Department

      • Chief’s Report

      • Request for Action

    • Sheriff’s Report

      • Event type report

      • Police Hours for December

    • Ambulance Report

      • Supervisor’s Report

      • Requests for Action

        1. EMS Parking

        2. New Officer

        3. New applicant

        4. Increase run rate

        5. Doorway addition

        6. Complaint Policies and Forms

  3. Municipal Liquor

    • Department Manager Report

    • Financials (will be provided by Owen at the meeting)

  4. Community Development

  6. Administration

    • Clerk’s report


Old Business:

  1. Amend Resolution 22-04:Resolution Classifying Fund Balances for Financial Reporting Purposes.

    • This Resolution was passed on January 3, 2021, with the removal of Fund 407 Police Squad Fund. At the time it was believed that the fund had a zero balance. However, the fund has a current balance of $59,759.95. Resolution 22-04 shall be amended to include Fund 407 Police Squad Fund.

New Business:

  1. SEH – Jordan Van Oort

    • Supplemental Letter Agreement (SLA) for additional work requested by USDA-Rural Development and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

  2. Resolution 22-05:Resolution Authorizing Transfers for Infrastructure Improvement Project

  3. MMBA Quarterly Report from Deputy Clerk

    • There were no meetings held in the fourth quarter.

    • Request for Action – Karissa - MMBA

  4. Fee Schedule

    • We would like to add a fee of $50 for homes that request a final meter read and then change their closing date without notifying the city office. This creates a lot of extra work as the account has been closed and finalized for the current owner and a new account has been set up for whom we were told would be the new owner. When the closing didn’t actually happen, that new account now needs to be closed and finalized and set up again for the original owner.

  5. Policy regarding water leaks

    • We currently have a household at that has informed city hall that they have a faulty water softener that is causing excessive water usage. Even though they are aware of the problem, they have not corrected it. Public Works has spoken with the homeowner, and they do not want their assistance in correcting the issue.

      • The current City Ordinance does not address this issue:

        1. Chapter 15 Regulation of Public Works and Improvement Section 4 Regulation of Water and Sewer Systems Subd. 6 Water Systems a. General water regulations iv. Repair of Leaks: The consumer or owner shall be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the service pipe from the main into the building served. Such service pipes shall be all reasonable times subject to inspection by duly authorized officials of the City, and if repairs are ordered by the City, they must be made within twenty-four (24) hours of such notice, and if said repairs are not made, within said period, the City may turn the water off.

        2. First reading of Proposed Water and Sewer Lead Policy.


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