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Silver Lake City Council
Regular Meeting

6:30pm, November 21, 2022

Silver Lake Auditorium


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Consent Agenda:

  1. Approve minutes from October 17, 2022 Regular Meeting

  2. Approve minutes from November 14, 2022 Canvassing Board Meeting

  3. Approve Payroll #22 and #23, October Ambulance and Annual Fire Department

  4. Approve Claims


Public Comment


Department Business

  1. Public Works Liaison Report

    • Jeremy Pearson would like to purchase 250,000 gallons of bulk water.

    • John Rodeberg – update on Infrastructure funding

    • PeopleService Reports

  2. Public Safety Liaison Report

    • Fire Department Report

      • Request for Action – Approval of officer positions

    • Sheriff’s Report

      • Event type report

      • Police Hours for June

    • Ambulance Report

  3. Municipal Liquor Liaison Report

  4. Community Development

    • Commissioner’s Report

    • Administration

    • Clerk’s Report


New Business:

  1. Resolution 22-26: Resolution Approving Assessments for Delinquent Utility Accounts and Other Work Performed by the City as Directed by City Code

  2. 2023 Annual meeting date

    • Tuesday, January 3, 2023

  3. Request for Action to Approve the following Liquor License Applications:

    • Application for Club License for American Legion Post 141

    • Application for On-Sale Wine and Strong Beer and Sunday Liquor License for BFK Management (DBA: Molly’s Café)

    • Application for MLS On/Off-Sale Liquor License


Old Business:

  1. Right of Way Ordinance – second reading



Open Discussion




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