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Public Works Department

The Public Works Staff is responsible for many areas of our community including streets, parks, water, sewer, building maintenance, and many other tasks. The City of Silver Lake is proud to team with PeopleService, Inc. for improving and maintaining our water and sewer utilities.

City Staff

Public Works Supervisor

Dale Kosek



Jerrod Weckman



    • There is no parking on any city street after 2" snowfall until streets are plowed curb to curb. Vehicles will be towed.

    • For those who do not have off-street parking, the city lot behind the auditorium from the pump house to Center Street is plowed first for any city resident to use during the snow event.

    • Snow removal Ordinance HERE

    • Snow and Ice Control Policies and Procedure HERE

                    Sidewalk Snow Removal


City Ordinance Chapter 9:  Traffic, Parking, Motor Vehicles and Snow Removal Area; Section 7: Snow Removal Areas; Subd. 1 states "It shall be unlawful for any person, company or corporations to park any kind of vehicle upon that portion of the streets of this City after two (2) inches of snow have fallen from 2:01am until the streets have been plowed from curb to curb". Subd. 2 states "Parking on City streets shall be prohibited during snow emergencies. The Street Commission shall be responsible for declaring snow emergencies". When a snow emergency is declared, it will be posted in the City Hall display case, on the city website, and on Facebook. Subd. 3a) states "If the owner or operator of said vehicle is not available to remove said vehicle, it shall be towed...: These parts of the City Ordinance remain in effect.

Chapter 10: Offenses, Crimes, Nuisances; Section 3: Snow, ice, dirt and rubbish on sidewalks; Subd. 1. When deposits of snow, ice and rubbish are declared a nuisance; states"All snow, ice, dirt, and rubbish remaining on a public sidewalk more than 24 hours after its deposit thereon is declared to be a public nuisance. " This section of the City Ordinance has been WAIVED through May 2023 EXCEPT for the sidewalks within the Business District (Main Street from Grove Ave to Park Ave and Lake Street from Main Street to Silver Lake) where the snow is plowed to the center of the street and then removed.

PeopleService, Inc.

Water/Sewer Operators

Lee Ortloff



Jeremy Anderson


PeopleService 2023 On-Call Calendar (After hour emergencies)
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