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Sidewalk Ordinance

Reminder of the Ordinance for removing snow/ice from sidewalks.

Subd. 1. When deposits of snow, ice, and rubbish are declared a nuisance.

All snow, ice, dirt, and rubbish remaining on a public sidewalk more than 24 hours after its deposit thereon is declared to be a public nuisance. The owner and the occupant of any property adjacent to the public sidewalk shall use due diligence to keep such sidewalk safe for pedestrians by the removal of any snow, ice, dirt or rubbish which is deposited thereon, regardless of source. No owner or occupant shall allow snow, ice, dirt or rubbish to remain on the sidewalk longer than 24 hours after its deposit thereon

Failure to comply with this ordinance can result in the City ordering the removal of snow, ice, dirt, or rubbish, and any costs associated with its removal are the responsibility of the owner or occupant. Currently the charge for Public Works personnel performing such work is $100.00 per hour with a one hour minimum charge.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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